At Macquarie, you will live in either a catered residential college or a self-catered student apartment.  As you review details on individual residential colleges, please be sure to read the general Australia accommodation information.  

Dunmore Lang College
Located across the street from the Macquarie campus, Dunmore Lang provides a great opportunity to meet Australian students. The residential college prides itself on its vibrant student body and through the Students Club, you will have the opportunity to join a variety of sporting and social clubs that remain active throughout the semester. You will live in a single room, with communal bathroom facilities and will have a full meal plan. You will also have access to academic tutors and resident support staff.

Macquarie University Village
If you’re seeking a more independent style of accommodation, you may prefer Macquarie University Village (MUV).  In close proximity to campus, MUV provides self-catered housing in  apartments for five or six students. In your apartment, you will have a single bedroom with private ensuite bathroom and share a living room, kitchen and patio area. Kitchen kits and linen packs will be provided for all students upon arrival.

*Please note that depending upon your accommodation assignment, an additional fee may apply. Please ask your Program Manager for details.