One of the challenges for STEM students wanting to study abroad is finding an academic curriculum abroad that allows you to earn the right credits and to easily transfer them back to your homeschool. With careful, individual curriculum matching, we can ensure this works for your study abroad experience.

  • Stay on track for graduation: Arcadia’s Assistant Dean of STEM, Dr. Jessie Guinn, ensures that all our STEM programs offer courses that match with U.S. institution requirements so that students like you will earn the credits you need to stay on track for graduation. Contact Jessie on
  • Find the program that suits you best: Dr. Guinn will also help you identify the best program and location for you, given your academic, career and personal goals for study abroad.
  • One-to-one advising: As a neuroscientist with a higher education background, Dr. Guinn understands the challenges and the rewards of study abroad in STEM fields. Whether it’s a summer research project in Dublin, or environmental science in New Zealand, he can help you make it happen.

We have developed a range of special focus programs to foster meaningful international experiences for students in the STEM fields. The courses, lab work and relevant activities keeps students on track for graduation and better prepares them to achieve their career goals.”

- Dr. Jessie Guinn, Assistant Dean of STEM, The College of Global Studies, Arcadia University