Founded in 1583, the University of Edinburgh offers courses in popular and competitive subject areas such as English, divinity studies, Scottish studies, Scottish literature, politics, meteorology, the sciences and engineering. Academic opportunities that deserve special attention are courses in Scottish culture, history and literature, Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, divinity studies and law.

The University encourages students to focus in particular areas of study. You can enroll for courses in the arts, science and engineering, or social sciences. The normal workload is three to six courses. Edinburgh's teaching methodology is more traditional meaning a series of lectures supplemented by small group tutorials. The academic life is fairly structured and class schedules are not as flexible as you might be used to on your home campus. Therefore, you will probably need to concentrate your course work in two departments. Submit your application early to have a better chance at enrolling in the courses you want. Keep in mind that upper-level courses particularly in English require significant depth in background.

Places in English literature honors courses are allocated on a competitive basis. Students who are approved to take English honors courses can take two per semester, or four for the year.

As a visiting student, you will be assigned to either a University-operated modern residence hall, a student house or to a student flat. Most student residences are no more than a 20-minute walk from classes. Residence hall accommodation usually includes a full dining plan. Student houses and flats provide either single or shared rooms, with shared kitchens and baths. You are expected to prepare your own meals if you live in a student house or flat. All visiting students can obtain access to the Internet and an e-mail account at the University's computing centers. All accommodation is guaranteed and prearranged by Arcadia University.

You'll find a vibrant campus life and numerous opportunities to mingle with Scottish students. Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) plans an ongoing program of club nights, concerts, and live performances and sponsors more than 170 clubs and associations. A comprehensive range of sports facilities are scattered in and around Edinburgh and you can join any one of 52 sports clubs or consider mixing it up in the weekly leagues of soccer, rugby, basketball, badminton or hockey.

While located in a metropolitan setting, the University maintains the Firbush Outdoor Centre in the highlands, providing weekend opportunities to sail, windsurf, kayak, mountain bike and cross-country ski.