The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University, in conjunction with the University of Aberdeen, guarantees you housing in a hall of residence or student flat. Although you can indicate a preference for catered or self-catered housing (with or without a meal plan), the housing office makes final housing assignments, specific requests cannot be guaranteed. University regulations require that you remain in your assigned housing for the full duration of your program. Past participants often recommend self-catered housing versus catered housing. Meal hours and food selection in catered halls are restricted. 

Most housing at Aberdeen has single-study bedrooms with a washbasin and shared bathrooms. Men and women are housed in separate sections of halls. The major halls are centrally heated and have many facilities including laundry facilities, game rooms and other common rooms, shops and snack bars, and sick bays. Each bedroom within University of Aberdeen student housing has wireless internet access. A bedding pack, including a duvet, sheets, and pillow/pillowcase will be provided. Students will need to supply their own towels, which can be easily purchased in Scotland. Token operated laundry facilities are available in each hall or flat complex for students to do their personal laundry.

From the student village at Hillhead, there is a frequent bus service to the main campus at Old Aberdeen, to Marischal College and the City center. The residences vary in distance from campus, so you should expect up to a 10-20 minute walk from your housing to classes.

If you would like to remain in residence during part or all of a long break (winter break or spring break), the cost will be covered by Arcadia University. Only full year students are eligible for housing over the winter holiday. Please also review the general Scotland housing information.

Self-catered Flats

If you are assigned to a self-catered residence, you will be able to cook and prepare your own meals. There are large supermarkets available for you to purchase food inexpensively. Flats consist of single-study rooms with shared bathrooms and a shared kitchen that is fully equipped with basic appliances. Cutlery and dishes are not included but can be purchased inexpensively in Aberdeen. All utilities (except phone bill) are covered in your rent, which is paid by Arcadia.

There are groups of self-catered flats at Hillhead Halls with approximately 1150 total student residents which include: North House and South House.

Catered Halls

You must purchase a meal plan (surcharge) in catered halls which provide breakfast and dinner six days a week, and brunch on Sundays. There are small pantries available for students to prepare food for themselves at times when no meals are offered in the dining halls.