Located in the heart of the Canterbury Plains, a fertile farming area with the Southern Alps to the West and the Pacific Ocean to the East, Lincoln is the perfect location for students interested in exploring the unspoiled surrounding environment. 

Skiers and hikers have loads of trails and five ski fields less than 90 minutes away. Surfers have the beaches of Sumner, Brighton and Taylor’s Mistake an hour in the opposite direction. Locals brag that it really is a place where you can ski and surf in a day!

Additionally, Lincoln is just 20 minutes away from Christchurch, which is also known as The Garden City, for its wealth of parkland. Like Lincoln, Christchurch is an excellent destination for any nature lover. 

Also nearby is the highest point of New Zealand, Aoraki Mount Cook, which stands at 3,754 meters tall ("Aoraki" is Māori for "cloud piercer"). The National Park which is named after this mountain is home to nineteen peaks over 3,000 meters and offers myriad challenges to climbers and hikers. No fewer than five ski fields are less than 90 minutes away.