As a student on this program, you are guaranteed housing by the Oxford College that accepts your application. You will be fully integrated with other Oxford students enrolled in that college and placed in a single or twin room with shared kitchen facilities and living areas.

Meal plans and dining facilities differ between colleges. Communal dining halls is an integral part of Oxford student life. Some Oxford colleges provide a meal allowance and meal card to use for daily dining; however, this is not the case for all colleges. All residences offer limited kitchen facilities. You should speak with your Program Advisor to learn more about meals at your accepted college.

Similarly, some Oxford colleges offer housing between semesters and during semester break. However, other colleges require rooms to be vacated when the term is not in session. These colleges have a limited number of vacation rooms available. Students should arrange their vacation housing with their respective college when in Oxford. The housing portion of the program fee only covers housing during College term time.

For more specific housing information at each College, visit that College's page. You should also speak with your Program Advisor to learn more about housing at your accepted college and how you may need to plan.