You may enroll in 1 or 2 sessions. For each session in which you enroll, you will take one course at UCL lasting three weeks and earn four credits.

  • Please review your courses with your academic or study abroad advisor to ensure they will transfer back to your home school and that you are following your home school’s policies.
  • Please be flexible – we can’t guarantee specific courses. If your participation in the program depends on a particular course, be sure to make a note on your online preferences form

Choosing Your Courses

You are to select one course from the Session Listings below for each session in which you enroll. 

Please note: Courses are open to rising sophomores and above, unless a higher level requirement is noted. 

UCL Summer STEM 2019 Session 1 Courses

Biomedical Science

  • Nanotechnology in Medicine (Junior Level Course) - (read more)

Computer Science

  • Computational Systems Biology - (read more)
  • Data Science and Big Data Analytics (Junior Level Course) - (read more)

Environmental & Atmospheric Science

  • Climate and Energy (Junior Level Course) - (read more)


  • How the Brain Works and What Can Go Wrong -  (read more)
  • Psychology in Action - (read more)

Sciences and Mathematics

  • Astrophysics and Cosmology - (read more)
  • Bioscience and Society: Public Engagement, Policy and Funding - (read more)
  • Principles of Organic Chemistry - (read more)
  • Quantitative Modelling Techniques for Finance and Actuarial Sciences (Senior Level Course) - (read more)
  • Science Journalism (Junior Level Course) - (read more)

UCL Summer STEM 2019 Session 2 Courses


  • Anatomy and Developmental Biology - (read more)

Biomedical Science

  • Nerve Injury Treatment: Medicine, Science & Engineering - (read more)

Computer Science

  • Data Science and Big Data Analytics (Junior Level Course) - (read more)

Crime and Security

  • Cybersecurity Risk Management - (read more)


  • Urban Geoscience: the London Perspective - (read more)


  • Global Health: Local and International Perspectives - (read more)

  • Health Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics in Healthcare - (read more)


  • Language and the Mind: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics - (read more)
  • Mental Health and the Mind - (read more)

  • Political Psychology (Junior Level Course) - (read more)

Science and Mathematics

  • Industrial Applications: Modelling Aircraft Icing (Junior Level Course) - (read more)
  • Quantitative Finance: Maths in Investment Banking (Senior Level Course) - (read more)


  • Statistics with R and RStudio - (read more)

Grade Scale

The following information is vetted and provided by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) on the Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE).

70 – 100% First Class A
60 – 69% Second Class Upper B+ 
50 – 59% Second Class Lower B
40 – 49% Third Class/Pass C
0 – 39% Fail F