As a visiting student at Pembroke College of Cambridge University, you will live in one of the accommodations offered by the College. These are all located in the beautiful environs of the College and the city of Cambridge. The houses are a 5-to-15-minutes' walk from the city’s center, giving you easy access to a variety of options of restaurants and shops. Most of the houses are within walking distance of the train station as well, making both central London -- only an hour away -- and the English countryside easily accessible. 

When choosing housing, it’s best to be flexible and open-minded regarding where you will live -- some housing options are very popular.

Overview of the Pembroke College Housing

A meal plan with approximately 10 meals per week is included. 

  • Two Formal Halls (formal dinners) with drink reception are also offered. 
  • Laundry facilities are available and vary through location 
  • All of the rooms are furnished and will include a bed, a chair, a desk, and storage space. The amount of the furniture may vary depending on the size. 
  • All housing has shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. 
  • Bed linen and towels are provided.
  • Cleaning services are available throughout the week in all accommodations.

The rooms are separated into 6 Bands based on their size and their views from the windows. Band 1 has the smallest and, thus, the cheapest, and progressively Band 6 has the biggest rooms with better view. Additionally, in almost every Band there is the option of choosing rooms that are either on-site in Pembroke College or off-site in houses, with the latter offering an option of larger rooms. The banding system is applicable to all housing options. 

Head to the Accommodation Site for more information about the Bands.

Housing Options at Pembroke College Cambridge

The housing options are listed in order of proximity to Pembroke College.

Pembroke College On-site

These rooms are clustered into staircases alongside the historic courtyards and the alluring gardens of the College. They are close to the river, offering a peaceful and quiet environment for both concentration and relaxation. The College is located within the heart of the city with every facility being accessible within 5-minutes' walking distance.

Fitzwilliam Street

Located only a minute from the College, the Fitzwilliam Street houses demonstrate perfectly the beauty and the history of the city. They date from the 19th century and feature unique architecture. Each house is self-contained and has a backyard patio. They hold a long history -- since Charles Darwin lived in one of these -- and they are a minute away from the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Trumpington Street

The houses at Trumpington Street are also located two minutes away from the College. They are bigger in size and self-contained. They are opposite the Fitzwilliam Museum, which means that you are very close to other housing and fellow students as well.   

Lensfield Road

The houses at Lensfield Road are self-contained. They are five minutes away from the College; however, they are closer to the train station. There are also several parks nearby, giving you the opportunity to live as a proper Cantabrigian. Coe Fen and Sheep’s Green, two popular green spaces with the well-known Cambridge cows, are also at hand.

Panton Street

The housing in Panton street offers more privacy and quiet, as they are located ten minutes away from the College in a peaceful residential neighborhood. The houses are self-contained and have a beautiful large garden for you to enjoy your tranquility.

Bateman Street

The houses available at Bateman Street are a perfect example of Cambridge’s Victorian houses. They are self-contained and have a unique aesthetic. Although they are 15 minutes away from Pembroke College, they are very close to the train station. Additionally, the famous Cambridge University Botanic Garden is around the corner, offering you the opportunity for long walks. 

Arcadia guarantees housing on all programs and students on the Pembroke program are guaranteed Pembroke housing.