Course Information

General Course Information

All students enroll in four courses for a total of 16 credits. One of these is a required Cornerstone Course about their London experience and one can be at City, University of London (if appropriate qualifications are met). Students will have the option of selecting the remainder of their courses from a wide variety on offer at the Arcadia London Center. Students must earn a C or better in order to transfer credit.

Examples of Course Selections for the Academic Preferences Form:

3 Arcadia London Center Courses + Cornerstone Course


2 Arcadia London Center Courses + 1 City Course (see below) + Cornerstone Course

LONS HSSN 112 Showcasing the Nation: First Year Cornerstone Course - 4 Credits

In this cornerstone course, first year students will reflect on notions of national identity in the context of Britain’s history from the last 100 years. Students will navigate London’s complicated narratives, think critically about how Britain presents itself to the rest of the world, and analyze unfamiliar aspects of what it means to be British. This course will foster community engagement through site visits, required readings and personal interviews, and will assess student learning outcomes through various short essays, presentations, classroom discussion, and a final paper.

Arcadia University London Center Courses

Arcadia courses focus on London, and cover topics ranging from art and architecture to law, politics and history. Each course is worth 4 credits.

Course ID Title Credits Syllabus
LONS ARDP 290 Contemporary Photography Practice 4 PDF
LONS AREC 280 Environment, Communities and the Arts in Britain (video) 4 PDF
LONS ARLC 103 London: City of Art 4 PDF
LONS ARUS 282 Art & Architecture 4 PDF
LONS DTPC 181 The London Stage in Text and Performance 4 PDF
LONS DTSH 280 Introduction to Shakespeare in Text and Performance* 4 PDF
LONS ENCW 210 Creative Writing: The Art of Fiction 4 PDF
LONS HIEC 173 Issues in British Imperialism: 1800 to the Present Day 4 PDF
LONS LIUK 120 The London Novel 4 PDF
LONS MSHP 142 Introduction to British Media 4 PDF
LONS PSUK 130 Introduction to British Politics 4 PDF
LONS PYDP 290 Developmental Psychology**  4 PDF
LONS SOSC 143 Introduction to Sociology 4 PDF
* Students may only register for LONS DTSH 280 provided they have scored a 4 or 5 on the AP Literature exam.

** Students may only register for LONS PYDP 290 provided they have scored a 5 on the AP Psychology exam, or have earned a 6 or 7 on the Standard Level Psychology IB test; or a 5, 6, or 7 on the Higher Level Psychology IB test, as long as they have earned the IB diploma.


Other Institutions

Students have the option of taking one course at a British University. For further information about specific course options, please contact your Program Advisor.

The following are available universities and subject areas:

CITY, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON: Students can choose from a small selection of first-year courses offered in the Politics department. These courses are worth 4 credits each.

Enrollment Process

Online course registration for Arcadia London Center courses will take place several weeks before your program begins. You will select your courses based on the timetable provided at that time and you should use the Academic Preferences Form you submitted as a guide. Your Program Advisor will advise you as needed about the different processes for registering in partner university courses.