Let the city be your classroom

The courses listed below represent the best that London has to offer. FYSAE in London is designed to engage you completely in the life of the city, exploring numerous topics with a strong emphasis on your location. We carefully design courses that have been consistently reviewed and meet a wide range of AUC and major requirements for a diverse student population. You will enroll in three electives and our specially designed Cornerstone Course Showcasing the Nation, totaling four courses (16 credits) for the semester. 

Course Choices

LONS HSSN 112 Showcasing The Nation: First Year Cornerstone Course (Required) 4 PDF GCR101 GE/GR
LONS AREC 280 Environment, Communities and the Arts 4 PDF ID185 CE, NP
LONS ARLC 103 London: City of Art 4 PDF AH185 CL
LONS ARDP 290 Contemporary Photography Practice 4 PDF FA285 CE
LONS ARUS 282 Art & Architecture 4 PDF AH285 VL
LONS BI102 General Biology II 4 PDF BI102 NPL
LONS CH102 General Chemistry II 4 PDF CH102 NPL
LONS DTPC 181 London Stage in Text and Performance* 4 PDF TH285 CL
LONS DTSH 280 Introduction to Shakespeare in Text and Performance 4 PDF TH283 CL
LONS ECON 109 Introduction to Microeconomics 4 PDF EC211 QR, SS
LONS ENCW 210 Creative Writing 4 PDF EN212 CE
LONS HIEC 173 Issues in British Imperialism: 1800 to the Present Day 4 PDF HS285 CL
LONS LIUK 120 The London Novel 4 PDF EN285 CL
LONS MSHP 142 Introduction to British Media: History, Culture and Public Policy 4 PDF  CM185 SS
LONS PSUK 130 Introduction to British Politics 4 PDF PS185 SS
LONS PYDP 290 Developmental Psychology** 4 PDF PY212 --
LONS SOGL 212 The Making of Global London: Migration and Identity 4 PDF SO285 SS
LONS SOSC 143 Introduction to Sociology 4 PDF SO101 SS

This course has a supplemental fee for theater performances.
** Students must complete prerequisite course PY111 Introduction to Psychology to enroll in this course.

Grade Scale for Arcadia Centers - AACRAO EDGE

The following information is vetted and provided by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) on the Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE).


97 - 100% A+
93 - 96% A
90 - 92% A-
87 - 89% B+
83 - 86% B
80 - 82% B-
77 - 79% C+
73 - 76% C
70 - 72% C-
67 - 69% D+
65 - 66% D
0 - 64% F