Arcadia in London Summer Courses

This program will not be running for summer 2020. courses, including a virtual internship, are available through our new Virtual Europe Program

  • Please review your courses with your academic or study abroad advisor to ensure they will transfer back to your home school and that you are following your home school’s policies.
  • Please be flexible – we can’t guarantee specific courses. If your participation in the program depends on a particular course, be sure to make a note on your online course form.

Choosing Your Courses

When completing your Academic Preferences Form:

  • Secure approval for at least 2 courses per Session. 
  • List the courses in order of preference on your Academic Preferences Form.


Course ID Title Credits Syllabus
LONS PSUK 249S Contemporary British Politics: Unity, Division, & Brexit 3 PDF
LONS SOYC 323S The Original Youth Culture: Teenagers and Subcultures in Postwar Britain 3 PDF
LONS DTPC 180S The London Stage in Text and Performance 3 PDF
LONS HIWH 323S London: A Walking History 3 PDF

Enrollment Process 

In most cases, official course registration will take place upon arrival.  The online course form you submit to Arcadia prior to acceptance is not set in stone.

Grade Scale

The following information is vetted and provided by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) on the Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE).

97 – 100%  A+
93 – 96% A
90 – 92% A-
87 – 89% B+
83 – 86% B
80 – 82% B-
77 – 79% C+
73 – 76% C
70 – 72% C-
67 – 69% D+
65 – 66% D
0 – 64% F