Our Institutional Relations (IR) team members are located throughout the United States, and serve as your primary point of contact when working with The College of Global Studies.

They are skilled professionals who have notable experience in the field of education abroad, both as participants and as on-campus advisors. The team is led by our Director of Institutional Relations and Enrollment Management and includes regionally located associate directors and managers. The team, along with all College staff, supports institutions across the U.S. ensuring that they receive the proper support, resources, and expertise.

Campus Visits

Our Institutional Relations team is available for campus presentations - real or virtual - to your faculty, administrators and staff. They have a deep knowledge of the field of education abroad and can access the full resources of The College to support the needs of you and your colleagues. For newer advisors, the team members can serve as a valuable resource for learning about the field. For seasoned advisors, a campus visit can provide a forum to update you on program developments and to learn more about your goals, process and needs. In collaboration with our program managers, our IR team members are happy to work with you to provide general student support as well as conduct pre-departure orientations for students enrolled in Arcadia programs.


Associate Director: Northeast / Ohio / Illinois

Send a Message to Wendy Lombardo - (267) 481-5793



Institutional Relations Manager: Northeast / Ohio / Illinois

Send a Message to Angel Elvin - (267) 218-1001



Associate Director: Mid-Atlantic / Central

Send a Message to Kelly Lampe - (267) 218-1263



Institutional Relations Manager: Mid-Atlantic / Central

Send a Message to Meg Mack - (215) 385-0919



Associate Director: South / Southeast

Send a Message to Melissa Chambers - (267) 218-0250



Institutional Relations Manager: South / Southeast

Send a Message to Alicia Jones - (215) 385-4996



Associate Director: West / Southwest

Send a Message to Bridget Donoghue-Vornholt - (215) 385-4950



Institutional Relations Manager: West / Southwest

Send a Message to Darius Carey - (215) 407-8477


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