Parents: To view a statement, make payment or enroll in a payment plan, you must be authorized by the student to view their financial account. A student can authorize you as a user by logging in to Arcadia Passport, selecting "View My Financials" and sending you an invitation through "Authorized Users."

If you have a Login ID and password, you can access student accounts by logging into CASHNet.

Study Abroad Payment Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure your place in your program. Upon acceptance into your program, log into the Arcadia Application Portal and click "Pay My Deposit" on the right column to pay this deposit, or mail a check. Some schools prefer to pay this deposit on behalf of their students. The "Fee Information" tab on Arcadia Passport will inform you if you should pay your deposit directly to The College of Global Studies.

Payment Information

To make a payment online using your credit card or bank account information, log into the Arcadia Application Portal and click "View My Finances" on the right column. Here you can make payments toward your balance, view statements, arrange a payment plan (if available) and authorize other users (ie. your parents) to access your financial account.