Professional Development Opportunities

The College of Global Studies is committed to providing our partners in the field of international education the opportunity to learn more about our mission, philosophy, pedagogy, programming, and co-curricular learning. Additionally, we offer several opportunities throughout the year for participation from faculty and other departments or academic units to attend focused discussions on areas of interest, discipline specific topics, or program development.

Our Advisor Day Series provides an opportunity for professional development to staff and faculty at all levels and a chance to network with other professionals in the field.

General Advisor Days

General Advisor Days are an opportunity for participants who are new to the field and/or are unfamiliar with Arcadia and our programs. Participants will meet with the different departments at The College of Global Studies such as Student Services, Finance, Health and Safety, and Academics. There will also be several one-on-one or small group break-out sessions with Arcadia staff to address specific topics of interest in more depth such as countries of responsibility, discipline specific programming, health and safety or experiential education.

Topic Specific Advisor Days

Topic Specific Advisor Days are designed for both those new to the field and/or new to Arcadia and its programming, as well as participants from departments outside of study abroad (such as Career Services, Academic Advising, and faculty or staff within academic units). Topic Specific Advisor Days follow the same format as General Advisor Days with a lunch discussion of a topic such as Internship Programming, opportunities for STEM students, or co-curricular learning. Participants can attend in pairs from the same institution or individually.

Professionals’ Days

Professionals' Days are offered to mid-level study abroad staff that are generally familiar with Arcadia and its programs. We’ll provide an update on The College of Global Studies programming and initiatives and an opportunity to meet with the Program Managers, however a majority of the day will be dedicated to a roundtable discussion around a topic of interest such as "Advocating for Study Abroad," "Financial Models of Study Abroad," and "Crisis Management."


Discourses invite senior-level staff in the field who are familiar with Arcadia and its programming. These events will provide brief updates on our new staff, structure, and programming. The majority of the day is dedicated to a roundtable discussion on a specific topic. Previous Discourses have focused on Experiential Education, Custom Programming, and Australia.


Roundtables are an opportunity for staff, faculty, and international educators to participate in a group discussion and to give feedback regarding programming developments. These events will include an overview of The College of Global Studies and a specific program. Roundtables are meant to gather feedback on what works for different institutions and their students, how we can improve our programs and to identify opportunities for new programming. Past Roundtables have focused on Pre-Med/Pre-Health programming in England and Engineering in Rome. Participants are invited to attend in pairs from their home institution or individually.