Passports are required for international travel.

The Department of State is advising that a standard passport application will take at least 10-13 weeks to process. This means that if you do not have a passport, or need to renew your passport, you should apply immediately - even if you're not sure that you'll go abroad just yet.

Arcadia Abroad has instituted the following deadlines for passports to be on file for Spring 2024 programs. Individual program application requirements may vary and have earlier or priority dates; students will receive guidance from their Program Advisor if this is the case.

  • All Italy, Spain + University of New South Wales, Bond, UK Arcadia+ Internship (Queen Mary, Goldsmiths, Arcadia in London, Edinburgh Napier) - October 15
  • All other Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK standard (no internship) - November 15

How to apply for a U.S. passport