The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University encourages students with disabilities to consider study abroad. We are committed to working with each student to find a program that suits his or her individual needs and provide reasonable accommodations. We strongly recommend that students contact an Arcadia Program Advisor to discuss the kinds of support we can provide to help them achieve their cultural, educational, and personal goals abroad.

Because we want students to enjoy a successful and rewarding study abroad experience, we encourage you to disclose all your disability-related needs as early in the application process as possible and at least six weeks prior to the beginning of your program.  In most cases this will assure enough time to make adequate disability-related arrangements for you.

Overseas Offices and Partner Universities

Arcadia works with our overseas offices and partner universities to provide resources and accommodate individual needs including, but not limited to:

  • TTY devices
  • Tape recorders for visually-impaired individuals
  • Extended exam times and other accommodations for students with learning disabilities
  • Facilities and accommodations with access for students who use crutches, chairs, etc.
  • Assistance with locating on-site support networks

Further Resources

Additional information and resources for students with disabilities who would like to study abroad is available at Mobility International.