Pre-Trip Planning

Students managing medical or mental health conditions which may require care abroad, such as doctor or therapy appointments, injections, infusions, or tests should share this information as soon as possible on their Personal Health and Self Care form during the application process. A Wellness Advisor may be in touch to talk through your wellness plan for your time abroad and review how you can plan to use our insurance to meet your needs. 

Any student, regardless of pre-existing conditions, who wishes to talk through mental, emotional, or physical health with our team can reach out to their Wellness Advisor and we look forward to working with you. Disclosures made to the health and safety team do not influence admissions decisions. You may be in touch with your Wellness Advisor in accordance with your country of study:

  • Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Latin America, Southern Africa, undecided - Alisha Divis, 
  • England & Wales - Ikysha Dearry, 

If you’re the recipient of a Gilman Scholarship, notify your wellness advisor and we can send you the proof of insurance necessary for your scholarship requirements. 

Insurance Included in the Program

All students who study outside of the United States with Arcadia Abroad have health and basic travel insurance included in their program - see the summary of benefits below for inclusions and limitations. This insurance is included in your program fees and cannot be waived as it is integral to our emergency response and ability to advise students with knowledge of the coverage they have abroad. All students should retain their usual home health insurance to use in the event of an unexpected early return as our Cigna policy does not cover US-based care or care from a student’s home country. 

Students studying in the United States (e.g. Philly, Mississippi River) will utilize their personal health insurance plans and this section of program-included health coverage is not applicable. 

All insurance and associated resources provided by Arcadia have group membership numbers that are shared with students in their pre-departure orientation materials. Students do not need to take any action to activate their insurance, nor will they receive an insurance card. Coverage begins on the program start date and includes an additional week of coverage before and after in case of delays or travel

The Cigna Global health insurance policy covers 100% of medically necessary care, including mental health services. Whether a student comes down with strep throat, needs weekly therapy sessions, or is hospitalized, care is covered or reimbursed. Students can receive care by any licensed medical or mental health professional, as long as the care is deemed medically necessary. Our in-country staff can help students navigate the local healthcare system. A summary of benefits is included below

Required Country-Specific Insurance

Students who pursue a student visa in the UK and all students studying in Australia and New Zealand will also have a version of local insurance. UK student visa holders (only for those who study abroad six months or longer) will purchase NHS coverage for the duration of their visa and can use this in addition to Cigna. Students in New Zealand have StudentSafe insurance and students in Australia have overseas health coverage (OSHC) in addition to their Cigna coverage. Staff on site will explain the best way for students to utilize one policy over another depending on the situation.

Additional Travel/Personal Property Insurance

Arcadia strongly encourages students to obtain insurance against theft and/or damage to personal effects for the period of time they will be abroad. Arcadia University does not provide insurance for possessions or general cancel-for-any-reason coverage. (Note: students participating in programs in New Zealand will have some property coverage through the insurance mandated by the NZ government). 

Partnership with International SOS

International SOS is a medical and security assistance provider. In addition to detailed information on a country basis useful in risk assessments and program planning, students can call ISOS 24/7 to speak to a member of the medical team. This is a convenient option for students to consult a medical professional on appropriate care steps, e.g. if a hospital visit is warranted or if a general practitioner appointment should be arranged, and assist with a referral and appointments scheduling. For appointments, utilizing International SOS for a referral and scheduling an appointment ahead can often result in them sending a Guarantee of Payment (GOP) to the provider so students don't have to handle any payments while getting care. For prescriptions at the pharmacy or appointments not arranged by International SOS with a GOP, we have a claim guide to walk students through reimbursement.