April 3, 2024

We know that unexpected emergencies happen and Arcadia Abroad’s Health, Safety, and Student Affairs team is prepared to support students and their families navigating these challenging situations. All Arcadia students are covered by a comprehensive insurance program that includes coverage for medical expenses, evacuations, and for a family member to visit to support the student while receiving care. 

Read the story of a parent of a student who utilized all three of these benefits during the Spring 2023 semester: 

My daughter was in a study abroad program in Florence, Italy, in the spring semester of 2023. She was there for a little over two months with no problems. She became ill and went to see a doctor who spoke English. He referred her to the ER in Italy. She called me prior, since few people spoke English in the ER. I called the emergency number at Arcadia and asked for assistance. They sent an Arcadia program director over to the hospital and connected with my daughter. They called me with updates.

Three days later they informed me that the insurance covered a benefit for a family member to travel over and stay with the student while in a hospital. [International SOS] booked me a flight within 24 hours and reserved me a hotel near the hospital. I got to Florence with no problem but got lost finding the hotel. I called Arcadia and they were able to connect with the hotel owner. He located me and helped me to the hotel and the hospital where my daughter was. 

Arcadia sent two directors in Italy to help me at the hospital, translating with the doctors. When my daughter was transferred to another hospital out of town, they helped me to find a bus to get there and back.

Eventually, since my daughter was not getting better, Arcadia worked with the insurance company to secure an air ambulance private flight to bring my daughter and me home to our hometown. They also provided ambulance transportation to my local hospital. 

Arcadia and the insurance company covered the costs of my airline flight, my hotel, meals, bus rides to and from the hospital, air ambulance flight back to the US, and shipping our luggage back to the US. They also provided people working directly with me, even on spring break, weekends, and 24 hours a day. The moral support was overwhelming. They followed up and still are following up with us.

I definitely recommend Arcadia and the insurance that they use for study abroad experiences. You may never need the level of assistance that my daughter and I required, but you want to have it just in case. I will never forget everything they did for our family. Denise Siv Virginia

Read more about our insurance benefits here or connect with Alisha Divis, Assistant Director of Student Life, at NAFSA to learn more about how our team supports students and families studying with Arcadia Abroad.