April 2, 2019
by Adam Rubin, Director, Institutional Relations And Enrollment

The Forum on Education Abroad hosted its annual conference on March 27-29 in Denver, Colorado. The College of Global Studies was represented by the following dynamic team: Lorna Stern, Vice President of Arcadia University and Executive Director, The College of Global Studies; Adam Rubin, Director, Institutional Relations and Enrollment; Jane Gunn-Lewis, Regional Director, Australia and New Zealand; Wendy Lombardo, Associate Director, Institutional Relations.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Broadening the Circle of Education Abroad,” and it was clear from the diverse range of participants and discussion topics that there is a strong global commitment to cultivating new relationships, developing and expanding program options, and collaborating with partners on innovative new opportunities.

Many of our team’s meetings included robust discussions of our STEM Summer Research, semester STEM, and summer and semester Internship programs, as more students seek study abroad options that include professional development, research, and experiential learning components. Even STEM students who want applied learning opportunities in other fields drew discussion, including our own Justin Lewis, who as a computer science major wanted to study Italian with us at the Umbra Institute. His inspirational video sets a positive, inspiring tone for us all.

There was also considerable interest in generating opportunities for students in custom faculty-led programs, first-year programs, and programs at the Arcadia Centers in various locations, including Barcelona, Athens, and London.

Our team learned a lot from our partners at a variety of Arcadia-organized events, including a fantastic Happy Hour reception prior to the conference’s opening plenary. Over 100 people, including staff from both domestic and international partners, attended this fun and engaging social event.

Lorna Stern welcomed everyone and spoke about the importance of our partnerships, our desire to collaborate more on new projects, and our current initiatives on diversity and inclusion (including our new Diversity and Inclusion task force) and programs for STEM students.

Lorna led the room in a special moment to recognize our partners in New Zealand for their response to the recent attacks in Christchurch, stressed our institution’s desire to engage more with senior leaders on current hot topics, and expressed Arcadia’s commitment to providing increased support to more junior study abroad professionals as international education evolves and more people pursue careers in our field.

In addition to the reception and some wonderful small group dinners, Arcadia staff presented and co-led several Forum conference sessions and workshops:

  • Wendy Lombardo, Associate Director of Institutional Relations, led a successful Program Resources, Policies & Procedures (Standards 6 & 7) pre-conference workshop
  • Jane Gunn-Lewis, Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand, co-led a great session entitled "Yay, It’s Legal to Drink Here! Alcohol and Studying Abroad." She and her co-presenters examined the relationship between alcohol, the socialization of students, and risk on study abroad programs.

Finally, our team was excited to attend the annual conference luncheon to help honor Award for Academic Achievement Abroad recipients, including Jared Belsky, a Hamilton College student who participated in the Arcadia Food and Sustainability Studies Program at the Umbra Institute in Italy.

Overall, the 2019 Forum conference was a tremendous success, and Arcadia team members returned home with memories of enjoyable conversations, notebooks full of new ideas, and a deeper understanding of current issues and the needs and interests of our domestic and international partners.

From left to right: Picture 1- Lorna Stern, Vice President of Arcadia University and Executive Director, The College of Global Studies; Cathy Winnie Director, Southern Methodist University; Jane Gunn-Lewis, Regional Director, Australia and New Zealand; Ty Stewart, Assistant Dean and Director, University of Rochester. Picture 2- Cathy Winnie; Wendy Lombardo, Associate Director, Institutional Relations; Ty Stewart; Jane Gunn-Lewis. Picture 3- Adam Rubin, Director, Institutional Relations and Enrollment; Anna Foster, Study Abroad and Exchange Manager, University of Canterbury; Anna Frisk, International Manager for Faculty of the Arts, University of Auckland;  Jane Gunn-Lewis; Lauren Hall, Regional Marketing Manager - The Americas, University of Otago. Picture 4- Lauren Hall; Jane Gunn-Lewis; Dru Simmons, International Risk Manager, The Ohio State University.