March 29, 2018

According to a survey of Arcadia students in Barcelona, 92% had learned a lot about the issues regarding the possible independence of Catalunya from Spain, 96% of them felt very safe in the city, despite the civic unrest, and 92% would strongly recommend studying in Barcelona (no student recommended not going to Barcelona).

The survey results were discussed by Dr Jaume Gelabert, Arcadia's Academic Director for Spain and Cuba programs, in his speech at Arcadia's Guild Dinner, during the Forum on Education Abroad´s 14th edition held during March 21-23 in Boston. Dr. Gelabert spoke about the political situation in Catalonia as perceived by the American students who took classes in Barcelona during the fall of 2017. He explained the historical background of the independence movement and the Catalan national identity to the Guild members, and also talked about the timeline of the events of October, 2017 (referendum, declaration of independence, call for new elections).

The overall results of the survey were unequivocal about the safety of students, as demonstrations were always peaceful and kept a civic spirit. The speech gave a fascinating first-hand insight into the issues, cultures and practicalities currently being debated in Barcelona.

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