June 7, 2019

Dr. Katherine Connelly, faculty member at the Arcadia London Center, commences a book tour in the U.S. this month, introducing A Suffragette in America. Published for the first time, this is Sylvia Pankhurst’s text about her two tours of North America in 1911 and 1912. The text is edited and introduced by Dr. Connelly.

An English militant suffragette, Pankhurst was expected to appeal for support from progressive elites.  Instead, Pankhurst identified with the marginalized and recorded their stories. The result was a powerful indictment of American capitalism.  Repulsed by the stark inequalities, Pankhurst was nevertheless inspired by the struggles for change.  She vividly recalls a courageous strike of laundry workers in New York, the appalling conditions in the prison cells of Chicago, and the horrific racism she witnessed in Tennessee.

This exciting work reveals Pankhurst’s efforts to link the women’s movement to wider emancipatory struggles – efforts that would change the course of suffrage history.

The whole global Arcadia team is delighted at Dr. Connelly’s success with this fascinating text and wish her well as she promotes it on her U.S. tour. We’re also delighted that our students get to enjoy her enthusiasm and vast knowledge of this area in her classes: British Politics and Imagining London: A Cultural History course.

If you’d like to catch her at one of her stops, the schedule is below.

U.S. book tour locations:

Saturday 15 June, The Democracy Center, Cambridge, MA, 4.30pm. Facebook event.

Wednesday 19 June, Duende Bar at Silo City, Buffalo, NY, 6pm. Facebook event.

Friday 21 June, Mac's Backs-Books on Coventry, Cleveland, OH, 7pm. Website.  Facebook event.

Saturday 22 June, Milwaukee Central Library, Milwaukee, WI, 3.30pm. Website. Facebook event.

Sunday 23 June, City Lit Books, Chicago, IL, 3.30pm. Chair: Amy Laiken, Chicago Working Women's History Project. Website.  Facebook event.

Wednesday 26 June, Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, KS. Facebook event.

Saturday 29 June, Red Emma's, Baltimore, MD, 7pm. Website. Facebook event.

Tuesday, 2 July, Henry St. Settlement, NYC, 6.30pm. In conversation with Dana Mills, author of forthcoming biography of Rosa Luxemburg. Website  Facebook event.

About Dr. Connelly:

Dr. Katherine Connelly has edited and introduced A Suffragette in America by E. Sylvia Pankhurst. She is also the author of Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire (Pluto Press: 2013) and has written widely on the suffragette movement. In 2013 she co-ordinated the Emily Wilding Davison Memorial Campaign. Kate obtained her doctorate in 2018 from Queen Mary, University of London, in History for a thesis titled 'Conjuring away the Revolution: Parisian Popular Culture in Marx's writings on the French Second Republic'. She is a lecturer at Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies, London Center, teaching the Introduction to British Politics course; in the last two spring terms she has taught on the Imagining London: A Cultural History course.