November 7, 2018

As we all endeavor to promote international education in all its forms on our campuses, every effort helps - especially from a student who has been there and done that. This month, Serena Newberry, a senior at Xavier University in Louisiana, held an Arcadia Alumni event on her campus in order to share her enthusiasm for study abroad with fellow students.

Serena studied abroad with Arcadia in Spring of 2018, attending Goldsmiths, University of London in the UK. She hosted a table at her Xavier’s Cultural Night on November 2nd where she chatted with students about her experience and created fun ways to awaken her fellow students to the excitement of study abroad. She included a jeopardy game, prizes, candy, and an interactive self-made study abroad destination poster. Her event yielded many inquiries, and she had over 50 conversations!

Arcadia Alumni Ambassadors are all about sharing their stories with fellow students so as to promote the benefits of study abroad and encourage students to consider the opportunity. Although they represent Arcadia, they work with the study abroad office of their home campus and within their rules of operation - a true partnership for all. Since its launch last spring, the program has gone from strength to strength, spreading the word on campus that study abroad is a unique and rewarding opportunity that is worth a visit to the the on-campus study abroad advisor or information center.

For more information about the Arcadia Ambassador Program, please contact John Fallon, Assistant Vice President ​Marketing, Brand Management And Enrollment at The College of Global Studies, Arcadia University: