STEM Summer Research - Granada Courses

As a student working on projects with this group, you will conduct research in English. In addition to an intensive research experience (4 credits), you will take Spanish (6 credits) at the Centre of Modern Languages, amounting to 10 credits for your time in Granada. To prepare for this experience you will speak with your research mentor before arriving in Spain to begin working on your proposal.

Environmental Sciences, Physics & Math with CEMA Courses

Course IDTitleCreditsschoolTermSyllabus
GRAN RSLW 389 International Independent Research in STEM Fields 4 Arcadia Granada Center Summer  
 GRAN SPAN 103S  Intensive Spanish Beginning A 6 CEMA Summer  
 GRAN SPAN 104S  Intensive Spanish Beginning B CEMA  Summer  
 GRAN SPAN 203S  Intensive Spanish Intermediate A 6 CEMA   Summer  
 GRAN SPAN 204S  Intensive Spanish Intermediate B 6  CEMA  Summer  
 GRAN SPAN 303S Intensive Spanish Advanced A  6  CEMA  Summer  
 GRAN SPAN 304S  Intensive Spanish Advanced B 6 CEMA   Summer  
 GRAN SPAN 403S  Intensive Spanish Superior A 6  CEMA  Summer  
 GRAN SPAN 404S  Intensive Spanish Superior B 6  CEMA  Summer  



Research Topics

For a full list of available Research Topics, please contact Dr. Jessie Guinn, Assistant Academic Dean of STEM.

  • Mineralogy and Geochemistry
  • Paleobiology and Taphonomy
  • Taxonomy and Biochronology
  • Isotope Geochemistry and Paleoclimatology
  • Aerodynamics (Wind tunnel)
  • Erosion
  • Solar radiation as an energy resource
  • UV radiation
  • Conservation Biology
  • Meteorology/Climate Change
  • Biological Ecology

Research Project Examples

  • Basin analysis
  • Mineralogy and geochemistry of geological events
  • Socio-economics, history, protected areas, economic and social development
  • Geochemical indicators of climate variability
  • Mineralogy and geochemistry of stratigraphic discontinuities
  • Study and conservation of building materials & architectural heritage
  • Study and design of mortars and the behavior of materials
  • Socio-economics, history, protected areas, economic and social development
  • Taxonomy of organisms: algae, foraminifera, mollusks, microvertebrates
  • Observation, measurement and testing of morphodynamic processes in the coastal zone
  • Wind tunnel experiments on aerodynamic structures, civil works, and the environment
  • Processes of erosion, transport and accumulation of sediment and substances on the inner continental shelf due to the waves, the groups of waves and currents
  • Morphodynamic processes in the surf zone and coastline
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Cumulative processes in storm bars, deltas and arrow and erosive soft cliffs
  • Study of the spectral components differences of solar and thermal radiation
  • Solar radiation as an energy resource
  • UV radiation
  • Characterization of the optical properties of aerosols through field radiometry
  • Effect of atmospheric radioactive aerosols
  • Conservation biology of carnivorous plants
  • Conservation and restoration of Mediterranean forest ecosystems
  • Ecology of the regeneration of woody species
  • Ecology of interactions between plants and animals
  • Climate change in mountain areas