Arcadia in Granada Summer Courses

Students at all levels of Spanish can be accommodated in the Granada summer program. All students will take at least one Intensive Spanish language course. You will earn 6 credits per session, and can choose to participate in one or both summer sessions for a total of 12 credits.

You will be placed in an appropriate Spanish language class according to your proficiency level. Upon arrival in Granada, you will take a Spanish language proficiency exam and we will let you know your level of placement at Orientation.

  • Make sure your credits transfer back for credit with your home school – this is your responsibility.
  • Please be flexible about courses – we can’t guarantee placement in specific courses.
  • Please review your course choices with your academic or study abroad advisor, and submit the online course registration form to The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University.

There are 2 program options:

To take part in Option 2, you will have to reach the Intermediate A level in your Orientation language exam.

Option 1 - Intensive Spanish Language Program (CILE)

The program has been adapted to comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Your placement in one of the following levels will be dependent on the results of a placement exam.

  • GRAN SPAN 103S: Intensive Spanish Beginning A
  • GRAN SPAN 104S: Intensive Spanish Beginning B
  • GRAN SPAN 203S: Intensive Spanish Intermediate A
  • GRAN SPAN 204S: Intensive Spanish Intermediate B
  • GRAN SPAN 303S: Intensive Spanish Advanced A
  • GRAN SPAN 304S: Intensive Spanish Advanced B
  • GRAN SPAN 403S: Intensive Spanish Superior A
  • GRAN SPAN 404S: Intensive Spanish Superior B

View course offerings in English or Spanish.

Option 2: Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Program (CILYC)

To be eligible for this option, you must place into Intermediate A.

Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Courses (CILYC)

Each course below awards 3 credits; combined with the required 3-credit Spanish language course, you will earn a total of 6 credits per session.

  • GRAN LISP 350S Spanish and Latin American Literature

  • GRAN GEHI 350S Spanish Geography and History
    Choose two of the three modules listed below:
    • Spanish Geography
    • Spanish History
    • History of Art in Spain
  • GRAN CUSP 350S Spanish Culture
    Choose two of the three modules listed below:
    • Spanish Civilization and Culture
    • Islamic Culture in Spain
    • Latin American Civilization and Culture
  • GRAN SPAP 350S Applied Spanish Language
    • Varieties of Spanish
    • An Introduction to Business Spanish