Students will be housed in apartment-style housing while at the University of Auckland. Because most full-time students live at home or in independent housing, students will live primarily with other international and study abroad students, though Auckland does try to place students with a Kiwi (local student) host where possible.

Auckland is a very navigable city. Study abroad students are expected to commute between their housing, the university, and other parts of the city as do their local peers: by foot, or by making use of the city’s bus network.

Student Apartments

Carlaw Park Student Village is Auckland University’s newest housing option, having opened in February of 2014. Located next to the park around the Auckland Museum, it is a 5-minute walk from campus and a short walk to downtown Auckland. Students studying at Auckland with Arcadia who are housed in Carlaw will have their own bedroom and share a living room, kitchen and bathroom with other students in a 3 - 4 bedroom apartment. Each apartment is fully furnished and includes a fully equipped kitchen. Broadband internet access is available in the rooms and included in the housing cost.

Additional housing may be arranged as needed and we will aim to provide similar locations and accommodation types as our regular accommodations. If additional housing is necessary we will be in touch with students. Please note that while we ensure all housing satisfies general standards, there is no way to guarantee uniformity of apartment and room sizes, distance from university, furnishings or facilities.

For more information, please see the general New Zealand housing page.