Pembroke King's Courses

How to Select Your Courses from the Online Listings

An overview of the academic options at the Pembroke-King's Programme at University of Cambridge Summer Program is available here. This page provides useful academic information as well as links to course descriptions.

The summer program is divided into two halves for course selection purposes. Module 1 courses are offered during the first four weeks; Module 2 courses are offered during the second four weeks, and Module 3 courses are offered for the entire eight weeks.

Module timetabling information is available at the following website.

You will register for one of the following course combinations:

  • One Module 3 course, one Module 1 course and one Module 2 course
  • Two Module 3 courses and one Module 1 or Module 2 course
  • Two Module 1 courses and one Module 2 course
  • One Module 1 course and two Module 2 courses
  • Three Module 3 courses

Course Information

You will take a total of 3 courses at 4 Arcadia credits each, for a total of 12 Arcadia credits for the summer program.

Make sure to list only courses you are willing to take. While every effort will be made to accommodate your course selection, Arcadia University cannot guarantee placement in any specific course. As a result, we strongly suggest that you secure approval for at least 6-8 courses and list them in your course form.

Note: There are no internal course codes for the PKP Summer Programme. Please use "PKP" as the course code for all your choices for the purposes of filling out our course form.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are registered for a full academic load according to your home school and that the courses you take abroad will transfer for credit to your home school.

Students who wish to enroll in Finance and Economics courses are strongly encouraged to apply early since these courses are often the first to fill up.


The Pembroke-King's Summer Programme also offers courses according to the Cambridge supervision system. Supervisions usually take the form of an independent study and are intended to provide you with the opportunity to research a specific topic in-depth.

If you would like to opt for a supervision, please indicate this in your course selection form, and make sure to mention this to your program manager.

See here for more details.

NOTE: Students who select the Supervision option will be charged a small additional course fee.