City University London Courses

As a participant on an Arcadia University program, you will be required to maintain a full course load. This is considered 16 semester hours of credit during each semester.

Session Codes

In order to determine when a particular course is offered, you will need to understand the session codes below:

Y Academic Year Only (students studying for one semester only are not eligible)
F Fall Semester Only
S Spring Semester Only
Yf Academic Year or Fall Semester
Yfs Academic Year, or Fall Semester, or Spring Semester

Credit values for coursework at City University London can be determined as follows:

Program Session/Specific Course TypeSemester Hours of Credit
Fall Semester 4
Spring Semester 4

Course Offerings

Please refer to the Academic Programs information on the City University London website.

  • Business, Finance and Management courses are offered through the Cass Business School. Not all of these courses are available to study abroad students, so you will need to review the Course Catalog.
  • Actuarial Science courses are also offered through the Cass School. As not all courses are available to study abroad students, you will need to review the Course Catalog.
  • Media & Communications and Criminology courses are taught from a sociological perspective. If you’re wishing to take 200 level courses in this subject area, you must have a background in sociology as well. Note that Study Abroad students are restricted from taking 300 level courses from the Sociology department.
  • Speech and Language Therapy courses are only available to students majoring in the subject.
  • Journalism courses are also only available to journalism majors and course numbers are extremely limited, so applying early is advised.


  • Arcadia University does not issue pass/fail grades for work completed overseas. Please contact your program manager if you have any questions about this.
  • In the British education system, students attend university for three years and only enroll in courses directly related to their degree. It is important to consider this if you intend to enroll in any second- or third-year courses at City University London, as previous coursework in that area will be required, even if no prerequisites are listed.
  • In some cases, the overseas university will request that you submit syllabi and course descriptions from your previous work to demonstrate that you have satisfied any pre-requisites. It is advisable to have this information available.
  • Additional course fees may be associated with some of your overseas coursework. Courses that include laboratory or studio components, additional equipment, field excursions or other trips often include supplemental fees. Students interested in coursework at City University London in engineering, informatics or music should be particularly aware of supplemental fees.
  • If you intend to pursue coursework or a placement in music, you may be required to submit portfolio materials. Please note that any portfolio materials submitted will not be returned.