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Summer Excursions 2017!

Waiting for your study abroad program to start is kind of like waiting for a festival, isn’t it? You diligently bought your… More

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Alice Higgins


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As the Student Life Officer, Alice’s main responsibilities include co-ordinating and attending co-curricular activities for students as well as writing blogs and keeping up to date with the students via social media. She studied English and History in the University of Limerick and then went on to do a Masters Degree in English Literature. After this, Alice lived in Vietnam for two years, teaching English and traveling around South East Asia. Her interest in travel and academia drew her to working with study abroad students. She hopes to continue her studies in English Literature in the future. Alice has lived in Spain, America and Vietnam and has travelled around most of Europe. She studied abroad in the University of South Carolina so understands the highs and lows of living abroad and of attending a foreign University. Using her own experiences, Alice is keen to support students in any way possible during their time away from home.

Summer Excursions 2017!

Alice Higgins April 25, 2017

Waiting for your study abroad program to start is kind of like waiting for a festival, isn’t it? You diligently bought your early bird ticket, you’ve been waiting patiently for any murmur of what may lay ahead, you’ve read and re-read the posts about… More

Climbing Croagh Patrick.

Alice Higgins April 5, 2017

What do you get when you have lots of exams coming up, a bus strike, and some of the heaviest rain Galway has seen in years? Four remaining students, a Scottish friend, a guide and an Arcadia staff member that still decide to climb the second highest… More

Game of Thrones Tour

Alice Higgins March 29, 2017

This weekend Ireland decided to put its best foot forward and we were lucky enough to experience the glorious sunshine on our Game of Thrones Location Tour. We embraced every moment we could in the sun and were even sporting t-shirts for the majority… More

St. Patrick's Day

Alice Higgins March 15, 2017

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. The day where tourists flock to Dublin and most Irish people get the flock out of Dublin! It reigns as the most Irish day in modern history and with gawdy green geansaís (sweaters, in Gaelic!) galore and craic (fun) and merriment… More

March Madness!

Alice Higgins March 8, 2017

Well there’s no denying it, March in Ireland is a time for a bit of madness. The coldest months of January and February are over and spring is very much in the air. Today we even managed to get a glimpse of the sun! Even though March has had a pretty… More

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