Each year Arcadia staff and faculty select an overarching prompt for engagement and reflection, a theme to connect all of our programs around the world. These themes are known as The Life of The Mind Series.

  • Through theme-related activities, discussions, lectures, media and celebrations, you will gain valuable space for engagement and reflection. Such engagement will enlighten you about your host community’s relationship to the wider world.
  • The current theme is Rhythms of the World - an opportunity to explore the manifestations, influence, and contributions of music in various communities and cultures.

Rhythms of the World

2014-2015 is dedicated to the exploration of cultures through music and rhythm in all its forms. Through activities and lectures which explore music in relation to emotion, history, globalization, commercialism and ritual, our staff and students will come to understand the universal impact of this form of expression; linking specific cultural experiences with common ideas, aspirations and uses across the world.

Life of the Mind Themes:

  • 2012: Origins: People, Place & Identity
  • 2011: The Elements of VITA
  • 2010: Sports, Culture and Context
  • 2009: Global Leadership

The Life of the Mind offers the chance for you to look below the surface of daily life and gain a more nuanced understanding of your host community, through the lens of the theme. It’s powerful to know that students are bringing that eye to their experiences in all of our locations. Just imagine all the variation – and similarity! ”

Dr. Alison LaLond Wyant

Assistant Dean for Experiential Education