A hidden gem offering rural and urban living

There is a distinct Welsh national pride and it is obvious in the daily life of this city, ranked as the UK’s most affordable city. A seat of religion and learning for more than 400 years, Bangor is known in the tourist brochures as an ancient cathedral city, which it is, while at the same time being a warm and friendly small town with about 15,000 inhabitants. What it lacks in size it makes up for in its strong sense of community and its residents' orientation to the outdoor life.

There are a variety of ethnic restaurants from Indian to Italian, numerous pubs and cafés, a cinema and a theater. A mile from town is the Telford Bridge, gateway to the Isle of Anglesey, which has some beautiful beaches. And you are not far from Holyhead, the ferry port for boats to Dublin. And of course, there are the endless outdoor possibilities waiting in Snowdonia National Park, one of the UK's most rugged and beautiful national parks.

London and Edinburgh are accessible by train and Dublin is less than two hours away by ferry. Additionally, the cities of Manchester and Liverpool, which offer great concerts, premier football matches, and lively shopping venues – are only two hours by train.