Granada, located in the colorful and culturally-rich Spanish region of Andalucía, is one of the most charming cities in all of Spain.  It sits at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and is less than an hour’s drive to the Mediterranean Sea.

After a semester with Arcadia Granada, you will be forever changed, and will carry this city in your heart, feeling forever connected."

Marta Cabrera
Assistant Director, Granada Center

Its fascinating history includes over seven centuries of Moorish rule; an influence that is highly visible in the city even today, most notably through such architectural treasures as the Alhambra Palace, the white-washed neighborhood of the Albayzín and the Generalife gardens.

With a population of 240,000, close to 60,000 of whom are students, Granada is a without question a university town and caters to the student population by offering a multitude of cultural, athletic, and social opportunities.