You will live in a homestay in the city of Cuernavaca throughout your program. This is a chance for you to have a community-based experience within the urban culture of Cuernavaca. You’ll be the only student in your particular homestay. CGEE works to match students with families that are sensitive to, and embracing of, students of all kinds. Depending on the criteria listed on your application, your particular family match will be vegan and vegetarian friendly; LGBTQ-friendly; and even supportive of you if you are in the process of recovery. 

Previous program attendees report feeling a little awkwardness about the homestay option, but found themselves readily accepted into, and invited to share in interest and hobbies of, their new host families. 

For those students who do not wish to reside in a homestay, there are limited dormitory-style housing options available. 


Daily meals are included in the program fee, but supplemental meals and snacks, along with personal expenses, are the student’s responsibility. 


The full program of excursions designed by CGEE are also included, so that your community-based experience extends even beyond your homestay. You should plan to be out of the classroom and alongside local people for visits to local groups, museums, businesses, and more. Guest speakers round out the experience so that you will learn everything you’re curious about with regard to history, culture, and region. CGEE Mexican programs include all excursions associated with program attendance, and take students to such locations as Puebla, the Nevado de Toluca volcano, Mexico City (which is just two hours away from Cuernavaca), and more! 

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