Excellent health care is available in or near all of our program sites. Although many students have health insurance which can be used internationally, Arcadia automatically enrolls all students (except those going to New Zealand) in a health and accident insurance plan.

Students abroad on Arcadia programs during spring 2019 or earlier were covered by GeoBlue as described below. Students studying abroad after spring 2019 are covered by International SOS and University Health Plans.


  • Arcadia's plan is offered through GeoBlue and underwritten by 4 Ever Life International Limited, Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Arcadia automatically enrolls all students (except those going to New Zealand) in this plan.
  • Students attending programs in New Zealand will be provided with the New Zealand government's mandated insurance plan. Please contact the New Zealand program manager for more information.
  • The plan is effective throughout the duration of the participant's program.
  • There is no deductible per injury or illness, and the maximum medical expenses of the policy for accident or sickness is $500,000.
  • Additional information about the GeoBlue plan will be emailed to students upon acceptance to an Arcadia University program.
  • A copy of Arcadia's insurance certificate with GeoBlue is available.
  • The plan also provides for political and natural disaster evacuation services with Drum Cussac (DRUM).

The College of Global Studies engages in regular reviews of its insurance coverage to ensure that the highest standards of quality are met and that the program is easy for students and their parents both in the U.S. and overseas.

Enrollment Information

Arcadia automatically enrolls students for GeoBlue insurance coverage after they’ve been accepted into their program. Once enrolled, GeoBlue will send an e-mail to the student with information about coverage as well as their individual certificate (ID) number. Students can then login to geobluestudents.com to print an ID card, set up their personalized profile, and find health care providers in their destination.

Parents can also register at geobluestudents.com using their student’s certificate number and name.

Travel/Personal Property Insurance

Arcadia strongly encourages students to obtain insurance against theft and/or damage to personal effects for the period of time they will be abroad. Arcadia University does not provide insurance for possessions. (Note: students participating in programs in New Zealand will have some property coverage through the insurance mandated by the NZ government)


Please contact Maureen Gordon, Director of Health, Safety, and Security, with any questions about insurance coverage, at 1-866-927-2234.