Fall 2020 / Spring 2021

Arcadia's commitment to both our students' experience abroad and their health and safety will be most evident in our approach to planned excursions and events. We will follow all local guidelines and restrictions put in place and ensure our students are maintaining social distancing practices, if required, throughout any activity. As the semester approaches and conditions for the fall become clearer, we will announce more specifics on planned activities to showcase local communities and locations.

Excursions & Activities

Arcadia includes many fun and exciting excursions, events and activities - many of which are free and included in your program such as a visit to the infamous Tower of London and walking tours of quirky neighborhoods such as Shoreditch. You also have a range of optional excursions and events to join such as the exciting Regional Excursion where we bring together students from our England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland programs and a continental Europe event every Fall and Spring semester. Contact your program manager for specific program excursions.

In addition, many Arcadia-taught programs in England and Wales have free course excursions - faculty-led opportunities to learn coursework outside the classroom.

All Arcadia excursions are designed to be fun, interactive learning opportunities where you can visit places of exceptional interest in the country and enjoy experiences that help to illuminate your studies. You could also earn a Co-curricular Learning Certificate (CLC)

  • Travel Bursary & Travel Card - to help you explore on your own, semester students receive a travel bursary each to help cover travel to and from Arcadia events - even if your program is outside London. The Travel Card for those outside London gives you a third off rail travel within the U.K.