Learning Beyond The Classroom

One of the most important and potentially challenging aspects of the study-abroad experience is creating a meaningful engagement with the culture of your host country. Arcadia’s Co-curricular Learning Certificate (CLC) offers you a formal incentive for your not-for-credit development. This is our way of recognizing your thoughtful participation, reflection and rich learning achieved from getting involved in the local culture and communities.

  • Choose an Arcadia theme or create your own – Are you interested in volunteering at a local shelter? Do you want to join the Kayak club or investigate local cuisine? You decide where your passion is, engage with the local community and document your experience to earn a CLC.
  • Tell us about your experience – Earn a CLC by submitting a reflective essay, video, blog, video diary or photo journal illustrating the learning and development you achieved over 15+ hours of participation in your chosen activity.
  • Boost your resume – The CLC Certificate highlights the out of class learning you’ve gained and shows employers how you have developed critical thinking and analysis skills that will set you apart from other candidates.

Read about other student’s CLCs in our blogs, on the site or as published works in Hear Their Voices: From Chinese & Zumba to Urban Farming with Papi.


CLC Themes – England