September 30, 2019

Starting in 2020, Arcadia University will offer a spring semester externship (includes a work placement) opportunity on its Arcadia in Barcelona program. This is an excellent opportunity to engage in the local setting by way of completing a project-based work placement that is designed as a gateway to the multicultural, globalized workplace in Barcelona.

The program is comprised of enrollment in the Work in Thought & Action Cornerstone (INPR 310), through which students reflect on best practices at work and get a full grasp of the rapidly evolving nature of labor in the 21st century and a workplace. The course is capped off by a 112-hour work placement during the month of April.

This is not a traditional internship in which students' contribute primarily to daily tasks of the office, but instead is focused on the completion of a specific business project to move forward the organization's priorities.

Typical scenarios would involve a placement at a startup company managing the company's social network presence (community management), translating and writing of the English version of a company's website, and/or managing and customizing its communication in English.

Students will increase their multicultural sensitivity and understanding, and acquire necessary skills for the contemporary workplace (proactivity, flexibility, forward thinking, and responsibility in setting and meeting deadlines). Students with proficiency in Spanish will also improve their linguistic skills by improving their oral Spanish communication fluency through office interactions.

We are excited to offer this opportunity for students to gain exposure to the 21st Century global economy in a port city known for its ability to create interconnections among Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. 

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