March 7, 2024

Trinity College Dublin recently alerted Arcadia Abroad that the following departments will have limited capacity and may not be able to admit all students who apply for them: Biology, Classics, Computer Science & Statistics, Drama, English, Education, Film, French, History, Linguistics, Music, Psychology, Physics, Zoology. For more information about Trinity’s recent updates, visit our website.

As has always been the case, study abroad students at Trinity can only take classes in the areas of study to which they have been admitted. This program is best for students who have completed at least two full years of undergraduate study. Students should review the Trinity College Dublin Module Directory and have a degree of flexibility with course enrollment, which includes alternate classes in other departments. Students may also enroll in Arcadia+ course options (research or virtual global internships) if they have homeschool approval.

Trinity Application Portal: We continue to review applicants for Trinity; however, the Trinity College Dublin application portal has been experiencing technical errors and is not currently online. As we wait for the portal to come back online, please expect student decisions to take longer. Typically, decisions take 4-6 weeks from the time that we submit students for review through the TCD online portal. An admissions decision to Trinity means at least one department has accepted the student; however, it is not a guarantee that every department has admitted your student. Confirmation of departmental admission may be additionally delayed. 

We will permit students to start applications for another program in Ireland, or elsewhere in our Arcadia Abroad portfolio, to ensure that they can study abroad in the fall. If you have students who have already started applications in our system and/or will submit applications, we are here to provide guidance. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.