October 28, 2019

The Arcadia in London and London Internship summer programs have adopted new calendars that make summer study abroad more accessible for students balancing competing commitments. We've also adjusted the course credits so that students will have an opportunity to make the most of living in London during their time with The College of Global Studies.

  • The new Arcadia in London calendar leaves students with more time at the end of the summer –– Session 1 runs in Mid-May to mid-June, and Session 2 runs mid-June to Mid-July.

  • The new London Internship calendar now has two entry points –– Session 1 runs mid-May to early July, and Session 2 runs mid-June to early August. 
  • London Internship Session 2 provides access for students from most quarter/term schools.

All courses are now three credits in order to allow more breathing room in the schedule for students can explore London, the UK, Ireland, etc.