March 7, 2024

Arcadia Abroad STEM Summer Research programs have grown in popularity over the past decade.

Students who are planning to take part in our STEM Summer Research program in 2024 should be aware that the following locations are CLOSED due to projects having reached capacity:

  • Sant'Anna Institute - Sorrento, Italy
  • Royal Veterinary College - London, England
  • University of Glasgow - Glasgow, Scotland (Psychology and Life Sciences closed)

The following locations are LIMITED in capacity and are EXTREMELY CLOSE to filling:

  • University College Dublin - Dublin, Ireland (Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics and Math/Statistics available)
  • Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research & School of Medicine of the University of Granada - Granada, Spain (Environmental Science, Physics, Computer Science, Environmental Engineering available)
  • University of Glasgow - Glasgow, Scotland (Chemistry available)

The following locations are OPEN, and continue to offer a variety of research projects-

We strongly recommend students consider these locations.

If a student’s first choice project is closed, or limited, they may contact their Program Advisor ASAP about moving to another location. The absolute final deadline to complete admissions forms is March 15. Students are urged to complete materials sooner than this deadline because we review and allocate projects on a first-come, first-serve basis.

A note for students who are looking for practical STEM experience but are not finding a program in a location they are interested -

Students interested in science opportunities abroad can look at our program, UCL Summer STEM, which offers a curated list of classes through the University College London Summer School for science students.

Arcadia Abroad also offers several internship programs during the summer. Our internship programs are not research placements and do not offer clinical or medical placements; however, if you are looking for a credit-bearing, experiential opportunity this summer to gain workplace skills and to study abroad, these may be a great option. The deadlines for these programs have passed, but for any STEM Summer Research applicant who switches to this program, I will grant a one-time exception to our stated deadline, provided you complete everything required by Friday, March 15. These internship programs are-