August 4, 2016

Students on the STEM Summer Research Dublin program and their work were showcased by University College Dublin (UCD), illustrating their fascinating and thought provoking projects completed this summer. The seven students spent their eight weeks abroad conducting research and working in labs on projects in their chosen STEM fields.

The program features hands-on research projects conducted with personal oversight and guidance from faculty mentors from UCD, who work closely with students to direct their continued growth and development in students' chosen topic. The projects culminate at the end of the term in the preparation of a research paper that students then present. 

Congratulations to the STEM Summer Research Dublin students who completed their research and were recognized for their excellent work, including Amber Livingston from the University of Nebraska; CJ Burke from the University of Delaware; David Greer and Zackery Fyke from Texas Tech University; Elizabeth Murphy from Ohio University; Miwa Shirai from Carnegie Mellon University; Taylor Peavey from Indiana University.

More information about their individual research topics can be found on UCD's original story