February 26, 2020

Arcadia’s Summer program in Chile for 2020 is moving from its current location on the campus of our institutional partner, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV) in Valparaíso, to a new dedicated PUCV facility in the beautiful sister city of Viña del Mar.

This new location brings new dimensions to our program and is closer to the homestay families who host our students. It is also a prudent move; it is further away from the sites used for recent organized political protests in Valparaíso

Known as La Ciudad Jardín (The Garden City), Viña del Mar is a picturesque resort city on the ocean, with grand boulevards and palaces as well as pretty parks and beaches. Students will be able to combine a rewarding academic program with friendly daily life in a colorful and lively city.

Along with PUCV, we offer our students an incredible opportunity to learn firsthand about Chile’s history and culture in a carefully designed and well-supported summer program, alongside other U.S. and international students. Students choose from a variety of courses taught in English and Spanish and engage in the local community through both a formal internship option as well as less formal volunteer activities. 

In addition to the services provided by the PUCV International Student Exchange Program (PIIE), Arcadia has a dedicated resident staff member who organizes special activities and learning opportunities for our students and provides 24/7 support to students throughout their time in Chile.

Chile has been a popular destination for study abroad for many years, notwithstanding the recent political protests. However, Arcadia staff are in continuous contact with staff at PUCV to ensure we are doing everything possible to always prioritize student safety. All courses on Arcadia in Chile will be taught in the new PIIE building in Viña del Mar, and Arcadia and PUCV staff will monitor local conditions and be ready to make adjustments to program activities if at all needed.