May 24, 2021

As we all look forward to the “new normal” of study abroad in Fall 2021, Arcadia London Center academic calendars and program delivery are other areas which will see change - this time returning to a more recognizable format.

Based on several COVID-19/Health & Safety indicators, we feel confident that we can formally transition from the block format of academic delivery to the typical full length semester delivery of all courses. This shift brings our planning and academic delivery closer to our traditional model. 

If the calendar or delivery format needs to be adjusted to allow for any significant changes to current conditions on the ground, there will be decision points integrated into the model that will permit Arcadia and all students to adapt as necessary. All-Modes Ready teaching modalities remain in effect, so while face-to-face teaching is prioritized, plans for transitions to online teaching, if necessary, and any contingencies with regard to quarantines, etc., are in place. 

Other Adjustments to Arcadia London Center programs include:

Cornerstone Courses: Students will not be required to enroll in a Cornerstone course for Fall 2021. We will resume this requirement in Spring 2022. The course LONS HSCH 283 Imagining London: A Cultural History will still be offered as an option.

Hybrid Courses: Students may still take courses at the 5 available London partner institutions as a component of London Center programs, and the semester calendar format will further facilitate ease in timetabling. 

If you have any further questions about this, please be in touch with Shannon Bernardo, Associate Director of Academic Operations and Planning at 215-572-4077 or electronically