April 14, 2015

STEM StudentsThe College of Global Studies has expanded its internships abroad and its programs for students in the STEM field, in response to growing demand from students for such career focused, innovative programs.

Dr. Alison Lalond Wyant, Assistant Dean for Experiential Education at The College says: "Increasingly, students want hands-on experiences abroad like lab research and internships. We've offered internships continuously since 1981, but they've really taken off in the past few years, and we're happy to meet the demand. Through our internships abroad students are not only strengthening their resumes, but also engaging in exciting intellectual challenges, and meaningfully integrating into the daily life of their host communities. By 2017, we'll have Arcadia-taught internships in nine locations."

Study Abroad opportunities specifically for students in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) have traditionally been few and far between. Today, the tide is changing in international education and there are now a number of great programs for STEM students during the summer, semester, and academic year.

Dr. Jessie Guinn, Assistant Dean for STEM programs at The College says: “The ability of these programs to elevate a student’s academic profile and to equip them for science careers in the global workforce is of high value to both students and potential employers.”  

The College of Global Studies has a number of strong STEM programs abroad that include the recently developed STEM Summer Research Program in Dublin.

Dr. Guinn continues: “Students in this program have the opportunity to carry out well-defined research projects under the direction of world-class faculty members at the highly ranked University College Dublin. Students in our research and semester programs are all taught to think laterally about science and how to work collaboratively and effectively in different cultures."

The 2015 issue of Impact Magazine discusses the growth in STEM in study abroad and also highlights some of the experiential educational opportunities enjoyed by students abroad with Arcadia. More program information is available at Find a Program.