June 15, 2023

It is with great pleasure that we announce Gráinne Hand as our new Director of Irish Programs and Enterprise. 

In addition to these talents, Gráinne has an exciting vision for Ireland and its programs which includes continuing to place student engagement at the center of our work; building creative spaces for dialogue and research for students, faculty and partners; and developing programming with the authenticity and creativity that defines Ireland. 

Gráinne began her career with Arcadia University back in 2002 when most of our current students weren’t even born! She has moved from Student Services to Student Support to Assistant Director and is now leading the Dublin team in her role as Director of Irish Programs and Enterprise.

She began her educational career with Business and Marketing and graduated from Dundalk Institute of Technology right before the beginning of her career in study abroad. Grainne’s interest in mental health grew out of her genuine love and interest in helping support students. She became a qualified / Accredited Counsellor in 2013. Gráinne doesn’t offer counselling to students but her knowledge and skill enables her to support our many diverse student population during the stages of cultural adjustment or other day to day challenges in Ireland.

She leads an inclusive and supportive team with a strong emphasis on Student Community. She oversees the work of other team members in planning and coordinating orientation and co-curricular programming along with creating comfortable housing and other accommodations for students. She helps inform health policy and ensures that students have necessary resources in place to help them succeed.