December 10, 2019
By Lorna Stern, Vice President, Arcadia University - Executive Director, The College of Global Studies

After 10 years of deeply dynamic and engaged teaching and continued development of our program as Resident Director in Cape Town, South Africa, Dr. Alan Jansen is moving on to the next stage of his life’s journey. It really is not retirement. Alan will continue to influence lives all around him, in particular those whose lives continue to be impacted by the legacy of apartheid. Whether through his ongoing foundation work in honor of family members who have passed, in order to create awareness and support for young people suffering with cancer (, or through assisting local communities through leadership training and development, Alan will continue to provide challenge to power, and to support and assist those navigating the next steps in their lives and careers.

Alan has been a flesh and bones embodiment of South African history.   His life’s story reflects both the horrors of politically structured racial injustice as well as the possibilities contained in the human spirit to neither be cowed or contorted by that history.  Alan has been a part of those communities who have challenged the past, paid a price and who are paving the way for a different future. 

Alan has been a pied piper, mentor, brother and father to our Arcadia community and our students.  Whether it was a sprint up the sides of Table Mountain, or unique visits and introductions to a wide range of local communities, Alan emphasized community in all his work.  He has been a brother to many of Arcadia’s global directors, a football fan, a jazz aficionado and one of the fittest among us. He has led by example, by challenge, by service and with perseverance.

We will deeply miss Alan’s unique lens into South Africa’s history and contemporary experience, his resilient character and personal style, his pragmatic problem solving abilities, his sense of humor and his ability to savor life.

Thank you Alan. We wish you well in all that you put your hand to both professionally and personally.

The College of Global Studies currently has 2 programs available in South Africa: University of Cape Town and University of the Western Cape.