June 9, 2015

The research of Dr. Davide Tanasi, professor of archaeology at Arcadia in Sicily, is being brought to life in the form of a computer generated, interactive experience. The event was originally reported on by the Italian newspaper, La Republicca

The 3D movie, Pompeii - A Buried Story, recently opened at a theater in an archaeological park adjacent to the ruins of Pompeii. The movie is a well researched promotion of a key subject of Italian cultural heritage. It features striking visuals and sound effects that carefully reconstruct the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and its effects on the city. 

Dr. Tanasi was joined on the project, which took about a year to complete, by 40 specialists and the National Research Council. The virtual reconstruction of architectural sites covers not just the streets of Pompeii, but also offers a glimpse of sights such as the amphitheater, the forum, the temple of Jupiter and more. The show, located in front of the main entrance of the archaeological park, lasts approximately a half hour and is in eight different languages to accommodate a broad range of tourists.