January 13, 2020

The College of Global of Global Studies at Arcadia University has completed its purchase of its premises in Temple Bar, Dublin, currently used as the Arcadia Dublin Center. 

“We are delighted to complete this purchase and to own our Center premises in Dublin. This enables us to sustain our commitment to a presence in Central Dublin for the long term. Managing costs while maintaining proximity to key partner institutions and diverse community-based opportunities continues to drive us forward and give us the flexibility to work efficiently and creatively for our students,” says Lorna Stern, vice president, Arcadia University and executive director, The College of Global Studies.

Arcadia has been delivering study abroad programs in Ireland since the 1970s, building strong relationships and institutional knowledge through years of experience. Its Dublin Center manages 14 programs across Ireland, including academic support, student and health services, and robust opportunities for student engagement with local communities outside the classroom.

Dr. Tom Kelley, resident director, Ireland, at Arcadia, comments: “This is an exciting time for Arcadia in Ireland and this development demonstrates our strong faith in Ireland as a fascinating destination for study abroad both today and in the future. This country has so much to offer our students, from historic and cultural sites to dramatic landscapes, and artistry in all forms. But it is also a very dynamic economy with technology, international business and political innovations. I’m looking forward to further developing Arcadia’s footprint here.”

Please visit our site for more on Arcadia’s programs in Ireland and its center in Temple Bar, Dublin.