May 1, 2017
By Russell Carter, La Salle University Student, who studied abroad at University of Stirling in Summer, 2016

John Bennett and Russell CarterA year and a half ago I could never have predicted that The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University would have a profound impact on my life. The experience I had at the University of Stirling in Scotland was amazing in so many ways. My studies at the University gave me an appreciation for different styles of teaching and considering perspectives other than those I had been exposed to.

Beyond the studies, having the chance to meet so many different people, students, professors, and locals as well as exposure to Scottish culture around campus and in weekend travels made the experience even more memorable and worthwhile. Another key component of the experience was getting to know John Bennett, who is part of the Scotland in-country staff with Arcadia.  The more I got to know John the more I got to learn about his position and his responsibilities within the study abroad program. This resulted in my budding interest in global studies and international marketing. I became intrigued at the prospect of working in those fields the more I learned about them.  Following up on this, I pursued the opportunity to stay connected to my experience overseas. I reached out to Shannon, my program ​manager at Arcadia, on possibly interning at The College of Global Studies during the academic school year. The stars definitely were aligning in my favor.

Carly, Russ and ShannonSeven months later, I am still passionate about global studies and international marketing and continue to acquire and develop new skills from my internship at Arcadia. Collaborating with Carly and Shannon on various projects has broadened my knowledge of the development and execution of the abroad programs.  Carly and Shannon  have been influential mentors, providing me not only with real work experience, but providing significant insights into what working in the field of Global Studies entails. I feel that I have had the ultimate Arcadia experience.