January 14, 2019

In early November 2018, the Arcadia London Center sponsored a one-day symposium entitled, Marx and the City,  inviting Marx scholars from the wider UK academic community to present papers representing their scholarly interests. This was the first academic symposium of this kind to be hosted by our Centers. The symposium was greeted with enthusiasm by the scholarly community with robust participation and attendance from the community.

The symposium examined Marx's approach to the city, how he envisaged its revolutionary transformation, as well as the relevance and resonances of his approach. Arcadia academics Morgan Daniels , Chris McMillan , and Garrett Fagan, from our London Center and Oliver Sutton from our Barcelona Center were joined by scholars from Queen Mary University, City University, The Royal Academy of Music, the University of Hertfordshire, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the Bartlett School of Architecture.

There were many folks who helped bring this exciting and pioneering event to fruition and great credit goes to Morgan Daniels for the idea and topic as well as to London Center staff and student volunteers. We look forward to seeing published proceedings and papers down the road.

This is precisely one of the ways that the global community of The College distinguishes itself. Dr. Alan Jansen , Resident Director for our programs in South Africa, led a very well-received online workshop for our adjunct faculty of the Greek program. Ideas were shared as to how to engage students and different approaches as to classroom practice were traded and analyzed. These engagements and expressions of good academic practice and challenge take place in many of our locations, highlighting truly exciting opportunities from embedded field excursions to book clubs.

The College of Global Studies has a vibrant and very real academic community of engagement that renews and challenges itself and builds an academic community of scholars. This is not easy to do but it is vital and energetic work and at the heart of our College and its mission.