In Granada your accommodation will be in a student residence, an apartment with international students or on a homestay, which is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in local daily life by living in the home of a local family. Please also check out general accommodations for Spain.

  • STEM Summer Research Students note: the apartment with international roommates is the ONLY housing option available.
  • Summer program students note: the Student Residence at the University of Granada is not available during the Summer.

Apartment with International Roommates

  • Granada is renowned for being a great university town that draws an international, diverse and educated group of students each year. Other residents in your apartment could come from many other nations around the world, as well as Spanish students from different parts of the country.
  • Each apartment is shared by 2-6 students of both gender and each student has his or her own room.
  • We rarely assign more than two of Arcadia students to live in the same apartment. However, you can request to be with a particular friend on the housing preferences form in Passport and we will do our best to try to accommodate you.
  • Apartments and roommate situations vary significantly; international roommates often come for short periods of time. You may have several international roommates throughout the semester, whereas Spanish roommates will most likely stay for an entire academic year.
  • Student apartments are centrally located in beautiful downtown Granada, about a 25-minute walk from the CLM. Public bus routes and inexpensive taxis also connect the two locations.
  • Keep in mind that apartments do not belong to Arcadia but we maintain good relationships with landlords in Granada. So please allow for great variability in what apartments look like. They will have common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms for students to share, as well as 2-4 bedrooms. All apartments do not necessarily have living rooms, but desks and bookshelves are provided in bedrooms.
  • You are responsible for all your meals, as all apartment kitchens are furnished with basic cooking appliances and utensils. An optional meal plan is available on a monthly basis at a nearby facility at an additional cost (subject to availability). Grocery shopping for excellent Spanish produce and cooking it back at the apartments is not only enjoyable, but relatively inexpensive as well.
  • Students who take their fitness seriously will be glad to hear that a gym membership and access to sports facilities are provided in the cost of housing.
  • Internet access is not guaranteed in all apartments, as landlords may or may not elect to contract internet service. Computers and internet are available at the CLM and the Arcadia center (wifi).
  • Lockable storage boxes are available at a small additional cost and are recommended. In addition, all bedrooms have functioning locks.
  • Pillows, blankets and sheets are provided. We recommend students purchase towels once in Granada.
  • Apartment management staff are on duty 24 hours a day and security staff check apartments every evening.
  • Apartments are cleaned weekly, but students are responsible for keeping apartments tidy and the kitchens clean.


We will place one or two students per homestay. We will do everything we can to see that the home meets your personal preferences, needs and expectations as outlined by you in the housing and Personal Health forms you complete on Passport. Please include any special dietary requirements so we can try to address them. You will receive all the details of your specific homestay at Orientation.

  • Homestay families are all experienced in hosting American and international university students in Granada. Like most Spaniards, these families are dedicated, generous and passionate about sharing their home and culture with our students.
  • Homestay families provide you with three meals a day seven days a week.
  • While we cannot guarantee every family on a homestay will have internet availability, computers and internet access (including wifi) are available at the Arcadia Granada Center and the CLM.
  • Pillows, blankets, sheets and towels are provided by your homestay family.
  • We encourage you to participate in homestay activities and to engage in meal time discussions to improve your Spanish language skills and increase your knowledge of Spanish culture.
  • Homestays are located all throughout Granada. Commute times to the CLM, Arcadia Center and UGR can range from 5-25 minutes, depending on whether you walk or take the bus.

Student Residence

  • The Residencia Carlos V is the University of Granada’s student dormitory located on the Cartuja Campus (25-30 minutes away from the center of town). If you choose this option please note that its commute is slightly longer - it is up on Cartuja hill, set a bit away from the center of Granada, the Arcadia Center and the Centro de Lenguas Modernas.
  • The majority of students at the Residencia are Spanish.
  • Rooms are single and have a private bath, a small fridge and a microwave. Pillows, blankets and internet connections are provided.
  • During your orientation, our staff will give you a welcome pack to make moving in easier (new linens, etc.).
  • On-site laundry facilities are available.
  • You will have a meal plan at the Residencia and eat in the cafeteria (breakfast plus lunch or dinner) every weekday. On weekends, holidays and for your third meal each day, you will need to provide your own meals.
  • An internet connection is provided in the Residencia.
  • Housing assignments will be given to you at your orientation hotel once you have arrived in Spain. Please note that the availability of student rooms is quite limited and it is normal for the residence not to have enough rooms to accommodate everyone’s first choice.

Note 1: Please note that Spring and Academic Year students choosing to take direct-enroll classes at UGR will have to extend their stay in program housing to align with the Spanish university calendar. Refer to the fees page to understand additional costs implied.

Note 2: The dormitory-style residence is available only for Semester and Academic Year students. This housing option is not available to students enrolled in summer study.